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Future Plans

Today it is just three years to the start of the 2018 Golden Globe Race. For some this is a long time, but for most, just enough.

The next 12 months will see a constant stream of information as we announce new partners and opportunities within the race. The flavour and feel will evolve as all the characters and key players become known. The Golden Globe Race will breath for the first time and life will once again return to this great adventure. We will be transported back in time to that special place when life was simple, the world less complicated and human endeavour something to admire for what it was. That is The Golden Age of solo sailing.

This website will relaunch on June 14, 2016 when the Official Golden Globe Race site takes over. It will be new, fresh, dynamic, exciting, inclusive and fun. It will carry the Race into the future and become the hub for everything Golden Globe.

In the next few months we hope to announce the venue in Falmouth to become Race Headquarters. Our first Golden Globe Race Press Conference, introducing entrants to the world media is being scheduled for early December this year in London. It is a free lunch for those sailors from around the world who can attend. Having spoken to so many, I personally am looking forward to this day with great anticipation.

There is a new section on the website called ENTRANTS. Here you will receive the list of all entrants accepted into the Golden Globe. We will also include details of all those on the Wait List if at some time in the future we fill all 25 places. It will include brief details and an active link to that sailors current website for more information. For now I am the only listed entry, as other entries will be issued only after 1st August, but we have a video introduction called ‘Hello Golden Globe’ for five other hopeful entrants, so check it out!

Potential Entrants receiving this newsletter/blog may be interested in the latest addition to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the website. It relates to internal modifications to interiors of entered yachts. As organisers we will be watching this closely. There is also information on ECHOMAX products and how you access the special pricing. We will continue to place other answers to entrant questions here on into the future.

An update Press Release is being issued Globally on the 14th June three years out, announcing new developments in the Golden Globe Race to the world. That and future Press Releases will be placed in the NEWS section of the web site. If you have not yet ‘LIKED’ the McIntyre Adventure Facebook page you may like to, as it is a place where you can easily make any comments about Golden Globe Race posts and keep up with what people are thinking and latest developments.

While the race is very definitely retro, it will be covered in all forms of social media. This presence will also grow and evolve into something quite dynamic as we move closer to the start.
There is a place for EVERYTHING in life !

For me as the Race Organiser, today feels like a new beginning. In three years we will all look back and think not of this day, but of June 14th 1968 when Suhaili and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston set out into the unknown. It is exciting for us all to be a part of all that.

Thanks for your ongoing support. I hope you enjoy the ride!



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