• Start of the Golden Globe Race
  • Damien Guillou reports issues with his Hydrovane and decides to return to LSO to fix it.
  • Edward Walentynowicz retires from race due to personal reasons.
  • Guy deBoer reports that he has narrowly avoided collision with a fishing vessel off the Spanish coast by only 5 metres.
  • Simon Curwen is first to pass the Lanzarote Film Gate.
  • Tapio Lehtinen is 2nd to pass Lanzarote Gate.

    Pat Lawless is 3rd to pass Lanzarote Gate.

    Abhilash Tomy is 4th to pass Lanzarote Gate.
  • Guy deBoer is 5th to pass Lanzarote Gate.

    Kirsten Neuschäfer is 6th to pass Lanzarote Gate.

    Guy Waites is 7th to pass Lanzarote Gate.

    Michael Guggenberger is 8th to pass Lanzarote Gate.

    Ertan Beskardes is 9th to pass Lanzarote Gate.

    Jeremy Bagshaw is 10th to pass Lanzarote Gate.
  • Guy deBoer crashes into rocks at night on the north coast of Fuerteventura, Las Palmas in the Canaries. He fell asleep shortly after passing the Lanzarote film gate, not noticing a windshift that caught him on a leeshore.
  • Elliott Smith is 11th to pass Lanzarote Gate.
  • Ian Herbert-Jones is 12th to pass Lanzarote Gate.
  • Damien Guillou is 13th to pass Lanzarote Gate.
  • Mark Sinclair "Captain Coconut" officially retires from the race at Lanzarote.
  • Arnaud Gaist is 14th to pass Lanzarote Gate.
  • Simon Curwen first to cross the equator.
  • Guy Waites reports that the hull of Sagarmatha is covered with barnacles.
  • Simon Curwen reports: "Bit of drama overnight. Genoa halyard parted."
  • Damien Guillou rang the GGR office to report his Hydrovane self steering gear main shaft has broken. He has the parts to repair it but needs flat water.
  • Guy Waites Reports that Rio is not transmitting Weather Fax anymore, just like others have reported. No weather info!
  • Damien Guillou called Race Control to report that he was able to repair his windvane.
  • Ian Herbert-Jones reports that he has "2nd day without wind since passing Trindade. OK but fed up" - light, shifting winds have been a big challenge for the GGR 2022 fleet across the entire Atlantic.
  • Guy Waites informs Race Control that he is heading towards Punta del Este to haul out the boat and clean the hull.

    Simon Curwen reports that one of his solar panels has packed up.
  • Abhilash Tomy notes that "ten years ago, on this date, I had set off on India's first single-handed non-stop circumnavigation under sail".
  • Guy Waites sends message: "Forget Itajaí, trying to keep the race alive!"
  • Simon Curwen is first to pass the Cape Town Film Gate.
  • Pat Lawless reports "My Aries self steering is broken. I am on sheet to tiller since last night". He confirmed that he has made a satellite call to his wife and will retire from the GGR in Cape Town.
  • Kirsten Neuschäfer is 2nd to pass Cape Town Gate.

    Elliott Smith has lost his one and only spinnaker.
  • Tapio Lehtinen is 3rd to pass Cape Town Gate.

    Message from Abhilash Tomy: "deleting all my footage. to save my soul."
  • Pat Lawless arrives in Cape Town, retiring from the GGR.
  • Abhilash Tomy is 4th to pass Cape Town Gate, giving a surprising interview.

    Damien Guillou is 5th to pass Cape Town Gate.
  • Michael Guggenberger is 6th to pass Cape Town Gate.

    Damien Guillou called GGR control to report the loss of his Hydrovane rudder around midday. He is heading back to Cape Town, considering all options.
  • Damien Guillou arrives at Cape Town marina, officially retiring from the GGR.
  • After passing the Cape Town Gate in 7th place, Ertan Beskardes surprisingly announces that he his retiring from the GGR. Quote: "I was looking for the unknown and I found the unknown!"
  • Abhilash Tomy receives the news via radio and messages "we are 8000000000 humans on earth today" - a suprising fact, if you have been alone at sea for over a month.
  • Jeremy Bagshaw is 8th to pass Cape Town Gate.
  • Race Control receives Distress Alert for 'ASTERIA' from MRCC Cape Town, followed by Liferaft PLB Alert.

    Tapio Lehtinen reports after the rescue that Asteria has sunk within 20 minutes.

    Race Control closely cooperates with the MRCC to coordinate the rescue, deviating Abhilash Tomy and Kirsten Neuschäfer, who were closest to Tapio's position.
  • Kirsten Neuschäfer was first to arrive at scene and rescued Tapio Lehtinen from his liferaft. They shared a glass of rum before he was transferred to a bulk carrier bound for Jakarta.
  • Elliott Smith is 9th to pass Cape Town Gate.
  • Elliott Smith called Race Control to advise his bow sprit has broken in half. He has secured the mast and rig and is heading for False Bay for repair. He also broke all compasses except for one hand bearing compass.
  • Ian Herbert-Jones is 10th to pass Cape Town Gate

    Arnaud Gaist reports to race control that he has a mast and rigging issue that makes it unsafe to sail to windward for now.
  • Elliott Smith was able to fix his bow sprit and is back racing!
  • During his weekly call, Guy Waites tells race control that he cannot clean the hull of barnacles while sailing and that he will pull into Cape Town to haul out the boat.

    Race Control decides to compensate Kirsten Neuschäfer and Abhilash Tomy for the rescue of Tapio Lehtinen: Kirsten Neuschäfer with 35 hours + 30 litres of fuel and Abhilash Tomy with 12hrs.
  • Abhilash Tomy reported a problem with his windvane. The servo pendulum shaft holding the rudder sheared off. This was an easy fix as he carries a complete spare system onboard to strip for spares. He has fitted exactly the same part again.
  • Kirsten Neuschäfer breaks all fleet records: Best speed over 4 hours at 9.8 knots, best distance over 24 hours at 218.9 nautical miles, and best distance over 7 days at 1143.7 nautical miles.
  • Arnaud Gaist messages Race Control that "with the barnacles and my weakness in the mast, it would be Cape Horn in April :( I divert to St Helene and return to Les Sables". He retires from the GGR.
  • Tapio Lehtinen deboarded the Bulk Carrier in Jakarta and is back on land, heading directly back to Finland.
  • Ian Herbert-Jones, Jeremy Bagshaw and Michael Guggenberger are facing their first big southern ocean storm, gusting above 45 knots with big seas.
  • Guy Waites arrives in Cape Town and is hauling out Sagarmatha to remove barnacles and apply new antifouling.
  • Simon Curwen unknowingly sails directly into the centre of a high pressure system, allowing Kirsten Neuschäfer and Abhilash Tomy to catch up, reducing trailing distances by nearly 400 miles.
  • Elliott Smith called Race Control to report that his bowsprit has bent up again. He was able to secure the mast and is assessing the situation, hoping to make repairs as soon as the weather calms down.
  • Guy Waites' Sagarmatha is back in the water and ready to set sail. But unfavourable headwinds are forcing him to wait in Cape Town until the wind shifts.
  • Elliott Smith called Race Control to report that he went up and down the mast more than 10 times to shorten the forestay and bypass the broken bowsprit. However, due to heavy rolling, he lost many spare parts including a spare stay over the side, unable to make any further repairs. He will continue sailing west towards Fremantle or Albany under reduced sails and retire from the race.
  • Abhilash Tomy breaks 7-day record - 1165 miles in one week - just before he needs to replace his split mainsail with an older mainsail.
  • Guy Waites sets sail again with a clean hull, trying the impossible to get to Hobart before the gate closes on Jan 31, 2023.
  • Simon Curwen is first to pass the Hobart Film Gate.
  • Kirsten Neuschäfer is 2nd to pass the Hobart Film Gate.
  • Abhilash Tomy is 3rd to pass the Hobart Film Gate. He stayed a full night after a tiring upwind battle toward Kingston Beach.
  • Michael Guggenberger is 4th to pass the Hobart Film Gate. 'Capt. Gugg' stayed two nights to rest, catch up with his team and do small repairs.
  • Jeremy Bagshaw is 5th to pass the Hobart Film Gate and decides to move to Chichester Class to sort out barnacles, water and food.
  • Ian Herbert-Jones is 6th to pass the Hobart Film Gate.
  • Elliott Smith lands in Fremantle on 19 January after 5000 miles under jury rig. He had broken his bowsprit off the South African coast and lost his spare forestay overboard after trying to repair at sea. He continued under staysail and double-reefed main, with the rig supported by the inner forestay and backstay, but did not have time to repair and get through the Hobart gate closing before 31st January.