Entry is by invitation only, for sailors over 18 years at the start.

The Rules

Entrants must show prior ocean sailing experience of at least 8,000 miles and another 2000 miles solo, in any boat, by 1st March 2018.

The 2018 Golden Globe Race will require all entrants to use only the same type, or similar equipment and technology that was carried on board Robin Knox-Johnston’s 1968/69 race winning yacht Suhaili. Entry is by invitation only, for sailors aged 18 years and older at the start on June 16, 2018. Entrants must show prior ocean sailing experience of at least 8,000 miles and another 2000 miles solo in any boat, by 30th April 2018. This is an around the world solo race that is totally unique and OPEN to all. Yes, there are yacht design limitations, unlike the first Golden Globe, as this is also a salute to Suhaili, but if there were not, it would become just another competition to see who can get the best sponsorship. This race has created something that the average sailing person worldwide (with commitment) can compete in. It is therefore truly an Open Race as it is not open in class, but truly Open to All. Entrants currently include young, old, experienced, amateur, professional, coastal, offshore, cruising and adventurous sailors from 15 countries. This is a non-stop one-class race, so any entrant forced to make one stopover, or break the seal on their portable GPS chart plotter, will not be eligible for any official Golden Globe trophies, refund of entry fee or completion plaques, but can remain in the event, being moved to the ‘Chichester Class’. They will receive a ‘Chichester’ finishing plaque, provided they finish no later than 1500hrs on 22nd April 2019. Any entrant making two stops is disqualified. Each entrant will be supplied a standard Race Pack by the event organisers. The technology may change, but it will include, but not be limited to:

  • A stand-alone satellite tracking system (the skippers cannot see) for web tracking updates.
  • A two-way satellite short text paging unit. (to race headquarters only) for twice daily 100-character text reports.
  • Two hand held satellite phones (for important calls to Race headquarters only) for one a week safety check in only.
  • A sealed box with a portable GPS chart plotter (for emergency use only)

All Entrants will be tracked 24/7 by satellite, but competitors will not be able to interrogate this information unless an emergency arises and they break open their sealed safety box containing a GPS and satellite phone. Doing this however, has consequences. By breaking the seal, competitors will be deemed to have retired from the Golden Globe Race, and instead will be relegated to the Chichester Class as if they had made a stop. Approval for Production yacht types for entry into the Golden Globe Race has now been restricted to the following 22 yachts with the following general specifications:

  • Of fibre reinforced plastic construction.
  • Designed prior to 1988 and have a minimum series of 20 yachts built from one mould.
  • Have a hull length of between 32ft and 36ft. Bowsprits, wind vanes and outboard rudders, boomkins, pushpits and pulpits are not measured.
  • Have full-length keels with rudders attached to the trailing edge.
  • A minimum design displacement is 6,200kg.

2018 Golden Globe Race approved designs: Westsail 32 • Tradewind 35 • Saga 34 • Saltram 36 • Vancouver 32 & 34 • OE 32 • Eric (sister ship to Suhaili) • Aries 32 • Baba 35 • Biscay 36 • Bowman 36 • Cape Dory 36 • Nicholson 32 MKX-XI • Rustler 36, Endurance 35, Gaia 36, Hans Christian 33T, Tashiba 36, Cabo Rico 34, Hinckley Pilot 35, Lello 34, Gale Force 34. Only the design is approved to compete in the Race. The structural integrity, build quality, or suitability of any boat to survive the event, will be the sole responsibility of the entrant. All Boats are required to undergo refits and surveys to ensure they are up to the task of crossing oceans. During those refits mast height, boom length, bowsprits and ballast must not exceed original design specifications. Refit must stay true to the original design and production boat fitout and components may not be lightened. Strengthening is allowed, together with extra standing rigging. By maintaining the production boat status for the Race, resale values are assured. Safety. Strick safety regulations including qualifications and training of skippers and safety equipment to be carried on board are stipulated in the official Notice of Race that can be downloaded from this web site. Sponsorship is allowed and may assist and support an entry in any way. All competitors must carry at least £ 5 million of Public Liability insurance whilst in UK waters and during the Race. Communications. Entrants are free to speak to media, family, friends and sponsors by radio at any time during the event, but must not be given any form of weather routing. Competitors may communicate freely (by radio or by hailing) with other competitors, or other mariners on vessels at sea, requesting or giving any verbal information/advice whatsoever, even if this is considered weather routing. World Media will be able to access boat tracking information and regular daily updates and summaries from the GoldenGlobeRace.com. The Race Media Unit will work with entrants to generate pre-race publicity and will report major incidents and human-interest stories to the media throughout the Race. On occasion, the Race Director may call competitors direct by texting a competitor at any time, asking them to turn their sat phone on. Information received from competitors during Voluntary safety reports will NOT normally be passed to anyone outside the race management but scheduled weekly check-ins will be distributed to the world. The official prize giving and dinner will be held on 22nd April 2019; 50 years to the day that Sir Robin Knox-Johnston completed his voyage. The Golden Globe perpetual trophy and up to £75,000 (tba) will be distributed to the winners. All entrants who complete the course will receive a Golden Globe plaque. Those finishing before 1500hrs on 22nd April 2019 will also receive a Suhaili trophy and a refund of their entry fee (tba). Applications for an invitation to compete in the 2018 Golden Globe Race close on 31st January 2018. A provisional non-refundable entry fee of AUD $3000 is due with the application. The balance of AUD $11.000 (AUD $14.000 total) for the full entry fee (refundable under the rules of completion) must be paid no later than 31st January 2018. Entries are limited to 25 participants. The Organizers may issue up to 5 special invitations at any time (total 30 entrants) For all technical details download the Notice of Race