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Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Tradewind 35 (Proposed)

Boat Name: TBA

Status: provisional


Based in Lymington, UK

Why the GGR?

I’ve spent most of my working life in the service of others on board their yachts… not my own. It’s time to change that and do an adventure on my own terms.

To be honest, around the world solo sailing hasn’t been on the top of my list of sailing adventures, but it’s always been there in the background of a corner of my mind. It could be the copy of Chichester’s Sailing Alone Around the World that was always visible on my parents’ bookshelf. I then stumbled upon the Chichester display at the Beaulieu Maritime Museum after moving to the Solent area in the UK and that’s when I started hatching a plan for a sailing adventure and the natural choice was the Golden Globe!

I’ve always loved sailing, but perhaps became a bit jaded having worked as a yacht captain my whole life. The many miles offshore and sailing in far away places had their high points, but sometimes if what you love becomes work, it loses its lustre.

I was able to take a hiatus from full-on sailing 10 years ago and concentrated on raising my lovely daughter. And then, a recent move to the South Coast of England within sight of the epic sailing grounds of the Isle of Wight instantly reignited my love of sailing and I now can’t get enough of sailing. An around the world sail might just satiate that desire to sail more.

I know there will be huge mental, physical and financial sacrifices to make, but I’m confident that my mother, father and uncle (all deceased) would be fully behind such an adventure and looking down and cheering me on.

I’ve been a proud member of the RNLI on the Thames as well as now crew at the Lymington station. It’s been a real honour to be part of this special institution. Especially for a Yank!

Gunnar Christensen

Best and worst aspects

I imagine the solitude will be a tough one to deal with, but the fact that you know there are others dealing with the same situations as you should help. The unknowns of the Southern Ocean will certainly be something to think about as well!


Gunnar is proposing a Tradewind 35, but also looking at other options in the USA.



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