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Bigger Coverage for 2022 GGR and Igor Zaretskiy Out!

Igor Zaretskiy has officially withdrawn from the Chichester Class of the 2018 Golden Globe Race. His team advised that due to various challenges, they sadly will not carry on to the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne as originally expected.

Igor had faced several health issues that added to his original barnacle and rigging problems, forcing a stop in ALBANY Western Australia. He then returned to Russia for urgent medical treatment and was on track for a full recovery. He had been planning to once again set sail in November this year, continuing the Voyage through the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn.

Entrant enquiries for the third 2022 GGR continue to arrive with four women currently considering an entry while a Wait list seems imminent. Previous 2018 entrants are also considering options to return for another round! Indications three years from the start, suggest that the fleet will be bigger and better prepared. The exciting news is planning for greatly enhanced coverage with more of everything in 2022.

Current entrants are acutely aware of the GGR prime objective of sharing their experience with others as a source of inspiration. Many are developing their own media skills and considering how best to optimize the use and set up of digital 360 degree camera systems on their yachts, flying kite drones and free flying units without a GPS read out, (allowed under the Notice of Race). Celluloid film cameras and supper8 movie cameras will also be used by some.

Increased media budgets in 2022 will enable a larger dedicated professional video production unit to cover the GGR and follow the fleet. They will utilize the latest equipment and talented editors to process among other things, entrant onboard vision passed across and live footage shot at the three film drops. Instant Video News Releases will be distributed to all international media. GGR will release these and many other comprehensive video productions on various social media platforms. Previously this was a challenge. Many entrants in 2018 were focused more on surviving, than filming, absorbed in their challenge, so with limited footage, a small management team and smaller budgets, we did our best under pressure. In 2022 the entrant requirement to provide comprehensive vision is compulsory and all have embraced that as part of the new challenge.

Live Facebook and YOUTUBE coverage will continue to be our frontline outlet to the world, with a bigger team, new technology and field equipment offering a better view than Jane and I could ever provide in 2018! The Race start will again be covered LIVE on French and International Television.

Our Race commentary team will grow to include dedicated and talented English and French solo sailors and guest experts, offering an informative view of the adventure as it happens. It will remain in the unique GGR style completely human, real, relaxed and offering regular, simple, honest informed opinions and information. The popular weekly QUESTION and ANSWER segments continue and a NEW regular weekly conversation segment with TWO OLD SALTS will appear. Both FRENCH and ENGLISH segments are scheduled.

In 2018 when entrants rounded Cape Horn, each participated in a LIVE 30-minute Question and Answer session on Facebook with questions provided by supporters. This will become a scheduled monthly occurrence. The weekly GGR Sound Cloud safety calls delivering insights into life onboard will continue. Entrants once again can Tweet short messages every 6 hours for their entire voyage.

For the first time in the GGR, media organizations and news outlets around the world can book a Satellite call direct to an entrant at sea for a live interview. Each entrant may receive a maximum of two 20-minute media calls a week.

All this will be managed by our inhouse full time GGR media team 24hrs a day, something we simply could not achieve in 2018. The recent GGR Media Valuation of US$185 million for the 2018 GGR was a great result. It says a lot about the way we did it, about Barry Pickthall (now retired) our media manager and our small passionate management team, as well as the trust and strong support of Les Sables d’Olonne Agglomeration, our logistics partner and great friends.

For a new concept in Retro solo sailing, we all learnt a lot during the 2018 GGR. We always knew what we needed to do and how to do it, but budgets restricted the scope of opperations. That is all about to change. For the first time our shared vision should be matched by an appropriate budget, bringing you an even deeper experience.

Finally I can answer this question that was put to me on July 15th 2015 about the 2018 GGR…YES it was BIG! And what do I think about the 2022 GGR? Well it is hard to say, but I recon it will be VERY BIG!

You can follow all current 2022 entrants from the Skipper section on the GGR website that links direct to each entrant’s social media and website.


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