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Golden Globe Race 2018

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The Return of the Race

Hi there,

I am excited to release all the details about the Golden Globe Race 2018.

The countdown to the launch of the 2018 Golden Globe Race is just about over and then it’s the countdown to the start in Falmouth. Every good adventure should have an unknown outcome and so too does this Golden Globe Race. How many sailors will line up for a race like no other? What design of boat will they choose? or brand of self-steering to lead them safely for nearly 300 days? How many women will race and what about the French? Will they be young or old, novices or hardened circumnavigators wanting to experience the golden days of at the birth of solo sailing.

For the captains there is nowhere to hide in this race and a race it surely will be. The boats may not be carbon fibre, but they move and breath in rhythm with the skipper and no-one likes to be passed. There are no excuses for those with a dream as everything is open and affordable if you dare. It all comes down to passion and a will to be part of history. Are you?

For me the passion to drive an event like this comes from within. The ‘Art of Adventure’ is part of my life and the ocean the one constant where I hold with great respect the Southern Ocean, one of our last great wildernesses. I am committed to make this Golden Globe Race something special for the sailors, as I know the experience will be extraordinary. If you are a spectator it will all be there to follow day by day. Technology will be used to bring you the adventure for as long as it takes, maybe 300 days, without effecting the solitude for the skipper.

There will be no set routine, or schedule for these Golden Globe Race Newsletters. They will happen as there is something to tell you. The inside story will be here. If you believe in the concept, principles and ideals of this race and the courage of the skippers, please spread the word and share with friends. You may be interested to know, that even though the exact details of the race have not been release till now, there is already growing interest from solo sailors in Australia, USA, Germany and the UK.

Finally, thanks to Annette, Jane, Quilter, Nick, Jack, and others for all the important input over the past eight months and to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, thanks so much for your encouragement and advice.

Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the ride.


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