In 1968 The Sunday Times Golden Globe Race was the first ever around-the-world solo yacht race. Fifty years later 18 solo sailors set out to commemorate that event. Only five will finish.

An Ocean Frontiers and Imajica Media Production

Featuring Sir Robin Knox-Johnston · Alex Carozzo · Don McIntyre · Jane Zhou · Barry Pickthall · Jean-Luc Van Den Heed · Mark Slats · Uku Randmaa · Istvan Kopar · Tapio Lehtinen · Mark Sinclair · Abhilash Tomy · Gregor McGuckin

Post Supervisor: Gary Woodyard
Sound Supervisor: Ian MacWilliams
Re-Recording Mixer: Dale Warren
Edited by Jessie Martin
Produced by Don McIntyre
Written and Directed by Jessie Martin

Runtime: 1h 38m
Release Date: October 16, 2022 (France)

Available for streaming in June 2023