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McIntyre Adventure  Ltd was established to support adventure and encourage young people to follow dreams. Don McIntyre’s commitment to adventure has seen him support many other adventurers in their efforts to achieve individual dreams, by assisting with cash, equipment, advice or encouragement. For some time, Don has been concerned that the “Spirit of Adventure” may be disappearing among young people, who sometimes don’t even know how to dream, or lack the confidence to believe in themselves and “have a go”. By staging and underwriting the Golden Globe Race, Don McIntyre hopes the event will be an inspiration to many and encourage them to engage the natural world. He is an experienced solo circumnavigator and recognised as one of Australia’s greatest explorers. He is passionate about all forms of adventure and inspiring others. This Race was born from his desire to recreate the Golden Age of solo sailing. In 1988 he organised and managed the Bicentennial Around Australia Yacht Race, won by the late Sir Peter Blake in Big Red. Don finished 2nd in class in the 1990-91 BOC Challenge solo around the world yacht race. In 2010, he led the successful 4-man Talisker Bounty Boat expedition to re-enact the Mutiny on the Bounty voyage from Tonga to West Timor, in a similar boat and with same limited supplies available to Captain Bligh 221 years before. For the past 20 years, Don has been leading annual private and commercial expeditions to Antarctica. In 2012 the Australian Geographic Society, recognising his many diverse expeditions over the years and his ongoing efforts to promote adventure, presented him with it’s highest accolade, a Gold Medal for a Life Time of Adventure. Now based from his own Island Nomuka IKI in the Kingdom of Tonga, he is commodore of the Royal Nomuka Yacht Club, hosts club for the Golden Globe Race.   MCINTYREADVENTURE >> visit McIntyre Adventure

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Hydrovane It’s not surprising that solo sailors will name their Hydrovane self-steering windvane, and then start talking to it! “Good morning, Heidi the Hydrovane!” Why not? It is their only crew member – steers tirelessly, eats nothing, never sleeps … and best of all, is a very attentive listener.   Hydrovane-Logo >> HYDROVANE


THE GOLDEN GLOBE RACE is a UNIQUELY GRUELLING CHALLENGE FOR SOLO SAILORS and a UNIQUE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY. No other event in any sport can match the Golden Globe Race’s unique combination of epic adventure and extreme endurance, maritime heritage and traditional values, duration and global reach. No other event can match the unique mix of sponsorship opportunities that the Golden Globe Race offers to promote corporate and brand awareness/values. The Golden Globe Race will make as well as remake history. As the 54th anniversary celebration of the first solo non-stop circumnavigation in a small boat, the winner will be the persons ever to achieve the feat without modern aids or outside assistance. If you would like to discuss opportunities to partner with the Golden Globe Race in any capacity, we are ready now to meet and show you why we know this is an exceptional product waiting to burst onto the world stage. This is more than just a yacht race. It is about the core values of life itself in a packaged event like no other, run by some of the best in the business. If your vision is as a Title Sponsor, Presenting Sponsor, Official Partner or Official Supplier, we look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch!