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McIntyre Adventure


Ta Shing Panda 34

Boat Name: Juniper

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Sailing Experience

16,000 nm, including 9,000 solo miles.

Why the GGR?

Why on earth did man want to walk on the moon? Why does a bird have wings? Why does grass grow green? The answer is not simple. Maybe it’s because this race sounds really romantic to me. Or because solo sailing is the dreamiest. Or because I like to push myself inside the depths of my soul until I am forced to sink or swim. Because I need a new challenge. Because the race is all I have thought about since I first thought of doing the race, it’s like I’m possessed. Because I love to have some big adventure to live and breathe for. Because I like to feel my fate in the teeth of every known and unknown God. Because I like to push myself beyond my limits until I can grow tree high. Because the heart of nature is my greatest teacher. Because I am on a never-ending hunt for self-reliance. Because I like to immerse myself in a world of liquid light. Because there is a piece of me floating in the sea and I am hunting for it. Because I love to get lost and found in the wilderness of waves. Because I want something to write about. Because I am hoping to get close to the Holy Ghost. Because I’ve always wanted to sail around the world guided only by the sun and stars and I’ll never do it, unless someone makes me do it. Because I don’t feel alive unless I am doing something that makes me fight for living. Because I grew up landlocked and the sea has always been a mythical thing for me. Because the thought of the race is simultaneously electrifying and terrifying. Because crossing the finish line would feel like a fairytale. Because it will open up new spaces in my mind. Because I am a bit mad. Because I don’t just like to just look at the fire, I like to put my hand right in it and feel the heat. Or maybe I just want to do it for the poetry of it. I don’t know exactly… Maybe, because my boat and I were destined to be in this race.

Best and worst aspects

Best = The challenge of it 
Worst = Not being able to write regularly to my sailing blog

The Boat


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