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OE 32

Boat Name: Mootje

Status: provisional


In my younger years, in Russia, I had the opportunity to work tor 3 years on river vessels and 2 years on sea merchant ships. When I moved to Germany in 1993, I changed my profession to that of a bricklayer, in which I still work. But my love for the sea did not disappear, it just transferred to sailing. Somehow, I quite accidentally noticed on the Internet this round-the-world race GGR 2018 and 2022, which simply amazed me. Every free minute, I watched the participants in the competition. Everything could be seen with what problems, and what difficulties they made. If I happen to participate in this race, then my observations will help me. There is only one thing left to do, move from theory to practice, and make every effort to achieve your goal.

Why the GGR?

I’m just delighted with this regatta, because it is very hard and difficult, and not everyone succeeds. Watching the regattas with Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, and of course specially Simon Curwen, I was simply amazed by skill. I would not be able to take part in these regattas, because I wasn’t ready for this, there were also financial problems.

At the moment the situation has changed for the better, and I’m ready for it. There is more experience and there is still time to prepare. As far as interest in Ostsee (The Baltic Sea) I’ve lost it for a long time, I would like to have changes and new bodies of water. I love adventure.

Best and worst aspects

I have never used a wind pilot yet. I want to install it soon, and study everything thoroughly, since many participants had big problems. With this they even dropped out of the race, and this is simply unacceptable for me. Loneliness doesn’t scare me at all. One thing scares me – to be a participant in the regatta, and not finish what you started, due to some technical reasons. Unfortunately this has already happened to many participants in the competition.


I really wanted to buy Biskaya 36, but failed, maybe it’s for the better. With my boat OE 32, year of construction 1984, I am very glad.

Boat NameMootje
Boat TypeOE 32
DesignerOlle Enderline
BuilderSundsörs Ship Yard
LOA9.89 m
LWL8.38 m
Beam3.18 m
Draft1.50 m
Displacement6000 kg

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