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McIntyre Adventure

Helsinki, FINLAND

Rustler 36

Boat Name: TBA

Status: provisional

The Skipper

Sailing Experience

Joel began sailing Optimist dinghies in his youth, then continued to sail zooms, ‘two crowns’ and Lasers. He is a member of NJK in Finland (Nylänska jaktklubben). His first ‘bigger’ boat was a Finn Express 74 that he bought in 2014 and then a Facil 355xo in 2015. Joel has sailed the Atlantic three times on a 57ft swan, roughly 12,000 nm. He has also sailed his 35ft sailboat in the Baltic Sea thousands of miles in the last 10 years.

He will sail solo across the Atlantic in the spring of 2025 using the same boat he is competing with in the GGR. His plan is to undertake the boat’s refit in the winter 25/26 at home in Finland so that he can work on it on a daily basis.

Why the GGR?

Since Joel was young it was a dream of his to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father sailed three times around the world – once alone and two times as a skipper. Now Joel feels is the right time to take that step and fulfil his lifelong dream. The retro style race and adventure mentality also appeals and feels like the perfect challenge.

Best and worst aspects

The best part is the adventure mentality and retro style race. It respects the old sailing traditions. The worst part will be the rough conditions and loneliness that the sailors have to endure to achieve their dreams.




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