Gregor McGuckin (32)




Name Gregor McGuckin

Born August 15th 1986

Nationality Irish

Country of entry Ireland

Ever thirsty for adventure, Gregor McGuckin has been involved in the outdoors from an early age. Starting out climbing the hills and mountains around Ireland, he soon discovered the sea and windsurfing and surfing became a daily part of life. He chose sailing as his profession, starting as a dinghy coach, delivery skipper and in recent times, skippered of a 62ft yacht based in the Caribbean. He has logged over 45,000 miles crossing the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and many other passages around the world. Always looking for the next challenge, Gregor was excited by the opportunity to compete in the 2018 GGR and hopes to become the first Irishman to complete a non-stop, unassisted solo circumnavigation of the world. via the three Great Capes.
Gregor has partnered with an Irish publisher CJ Fallon and Ireland’s Marine Institute to create an education programme based around his GGR voyage, designed to engage primary children in adventure and the marine environment. Distributed free to classrooms across Ireland, the overriding goal has been to create an army of ‘Ocean literate’ young people who understand the importance our oceans have on them so that they are well placed to ensure a sustainable and sensible future for Ireland the world.

He says of the GGR: “When I started sailing, the main attraction was the freedom it gave me to explore. As I grew older and started sailing larger vessels, the scope of the areas I could potentially explore became almost infinite. When I started reading about the GGR I had already crossed the Atlantic a few times and the Indian ocean and asking myself ‘What next’. A circumnavigation was always a dream along with ocean racing, so when this came up as an affordable way of achieving both it was a no-brainer.”




Name Hanley Energy Endurance
Team name Team Name: Gregor McGuckin empowered by Hanley Energy
Type Biscay 36 Masthead ketch
Designer Alan Hill
Builder Robert Ives/Falmouth Boat Construction (UK)
LOA 35.92ft / 10.95m
LWL 27.00ft / 8.23m
Beam 10.75ft / 3.28m
Draft 5.75ft / 1.75m
Displacement 15680 lbs / 7112 kgs
Sail area 570sq. ft / 52.95sq. m

Gregor has selected the ketch rigged Biscay 36 ketch Mary Luck to compete in the GGR. Her refit was due to be completed at the end of February 2018, and he planned to spend March and April sailing around his native Ireland combining training with a promotional tour of ports.

The yacht’s name will be the subject of a competition among primary school children taking part in the education programme associated with Gregor’s GGR entry.

Skipper Updates

August 17th 2018 12:00 AM

“LIGHT WINDS YESTERDAY AND LAST NIGHT BUT GOING WELL NOW”.Due to GREGOR’s western option, the two youngest competitors of the GGR2018, are now sailing again together after having been separated for a long time. Gregor who is still 5th this morning with good averages for several days, just like SUSIE, less than 20 miles behind him. But the two skippers could be caught in the coming days by a band of weak winds in formation in their wake. Indeed, he wrote today : “WEATHER CHANGING QUICKLY,MUCH COLDER TODAY.LONGJOHNS OUT SOON”.

August 15th 2018 12:00 AM

Still a little to the east, GREGOR MCGUCKIN continues his descent crossing at full speed back on 5th position in the provisional ranking, and giving the best progression of the day as his own birthday present (with 154 miles traveled in the last 24 hours) !

August 14th 2018 12:00 AM

Grégor is doing 6.5 KN at the moment making good progress. Gregor #McGuckin (via satellite) has been sailing in the last few days in “BETTER CONDITIONS TODAY.DECENT SPEED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!” and today he has “GOOD WIND AND COURSE,TEMP DROPPING,JACKET ON AT NIGHT”.

August 9th 2018 12:00 AM

In the wake of the Dutch giant, Gregor McGuckin is threatened this morning by the development of a high pressure area that extends off Brazil and may well accompany him in the coming days … He wrote to us yesterday: “LIGHT WINDS AND LUMPY SEA.HARD WORK. GOODBYE TRADE WINDS!L “

August 3rd 2018 12:00 AM

Gregor has made a break for a few days securing now his position among the leaders of the race, despite being ranked in 8th position related to his West route choice, pushing him away from Cape Town. The next few days will draw the balance sheet of the frank Western option also chosen by Mark SLATS, who have gone around the Saint Helena High pressure system, which usually blocks the direct route to the tip of South Africa. Gregor reports that the winds are very changeable, “from 3 to 30 knots in half an hour”, which is very exhausting, and rather headwind this morning, which does not help. His water stock remains low because he has not been able to collect more than 3L since the beginning of his journey, but he is good and doing well.

August 1st 2018 12:00 AM

GREGOR McGUCKIN crossed the symbolic line of the equator on July the 30th. After his nice racing down from the Canary Islands, catching up on the Top 4 ! His route to the West puts him away from the direct route to South Africa. GREGOR, like the Dutch Mark Slats, is also paying for his option to the west and is now in 7th place. Wait and see if this Wesernt option will turn to his advantage in the few coming days …

July 20th 2018 12:00 AM

Gregor is enjoying the lighter conditions but found the strong winds after the Canaries a good opportunity to check and test the boat. He found a few leaks and used the warm weather to seal them up. Despite rumours that Gregor may have dropped a sextant overboard, he confirmed today that his sextants were safe and sound.

July 18th 2018 12:00 AM

Gregor’s blitzing run down the African coast may have come to an end. He has managed to rejoin the fleet and maintain his lead but his daily run has dropped off significantly. He has reported some rough weather which has prevented him from taking sights. His daily messages reflect someone effectively balancing up the risks and rewards and this approach will be invaluable as the race progresses. The wind is easing as the fleet approach Cape Verde and it will be important to change gears quickly to keep up.

July 16th 2018 12:00 AM

Gregor has made a remarkable leap up the ladder since the film drop off Rubicon Marina, Lanzarote. He took the inshore route close along the African coast picking up five places. A tremendous effort but will he be able to maintain this as he comes out and joins the fleet?

July 13th 2018 12:00 AM

Gregor charged into the film drop at Lanzarote under genoa and mainsail his boat looking fantastic. He looked happy and comfortable aboard Hanley Energy Endurance. He reported no damage to the boat and despite having run out of fresh food said he was “eating like a king”. The solar panels and a little bit of hydro power were providing all the energy he needed to keep the systems onboard working and the batteries full. Gregor is looking in good shape mid field and is in good shape to improve his placing as conditions deteriorate.

July 11th 2018 12:00 AM

Gregor is settling into life onboard well. His mid fleet position perhaps understates his potential. His daily messages indicate that he is enjoying himself and pacing his sailing to ensure that he manages fatigue. All indicators from Gregor are that he has the right stuff to go the distance.

July 6th 2018 12:00 AM

A solid mid fleet performance by Gregor

A solid mid fleet performance by Gregor. He has spent much of the first week racing closely with Susie. He knows the problems associated with getting too close into the north coast of Spain and has worked hard to keep offshore. This could well pay off for him in the next few days if those inshore get caught.

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