Ertan Beskardes (60)

United Kingdom



Name Ertan Beskardes

Born June 14th 1961

Nationality British

Country of entry United Kingdom

Race GGR 2022

Boat Class Suhaili

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Now Bournemouth, UK

ERTAN BESKARDES entered the 2018 edition of the Golden Globe as one of the last entrants to sign up. (see his 2018 Skipper profile) With just months to the start, he bought a Rustler 36 and started training and rebuilding the boat. His close knit family were 100% behind his efforts. This was critical to him making the start, as the pressure was immense toward the end. His much loved friendly style was obvious to all in the GGR and his breakfast omelets for all on the Marina became world famous! Just five days after setting off on the GGR adventure it all hit home. The boat was ready, but he was not. He made the bold decision to retire. As the FIRST entrant into the 2022 GGR Ertan is continuing his Planning and Preparation including the 2020 OSTAR and will surely be ready in Sept 2022!


Boat [Suhaili]


Name Lazy Otter
Type Rustler 36 Masthead sloop
Designer Holman & Pye
Builder Cygnus Marine Ltd (UK)
LOA 35.33ft / 10.77m
LWL 26.92ft / 8.21m
Beam 11.00ft / 3.35m
Draft 5.50ft / 1.67m
Displacement 16805 lbs / 7623 kgs
Sail area 693sq. ft / 64.38sq. m

Lazy Otter was purchased in Fertilia, Sardinia during our Med cruise end of 2017. She was originally bought with the intention of doing the GGR 2022, but Don would let me compete in GGR 2018 if I got to the start. So I left Sardinia with the intention of starting 2018 race.

She was prepared within the next 6 months, as best as I could. Shortly after the start, I decided to stop the race. I was not happy being away after 6 months of race preparations.

Lazy Otter and its skipper are now much better prepared boat for 2022 Race. I have learnt great deal about the race, spending time with last lot of GGR sailors have been invaluable.

There has also been lot of sailing done with Lazy Otter. Since 1st July 2021, based at Les Sables, boat is ready, more importantly I am ready for the journey ahead. For me race is ambition to achieve dream but not in the expense of everything else in my life. I have a family, a business and plenty of wonderful things around me.
The Race must be exciting and fulfilling for me. Don always says it’s about the people and it’s very true. Every entrant will have to find their own reasons to be isolated for so long away.

Our achievements can only have a value if we are to share all with our loved ones. Me, my family, friends and colleagues are ready for the start of this rare journey, whom I owe a great deal to make things happen now and during my long absence’s.

Can not wait to be in the start line with my loved ones and great people of Les Sables !

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