Arnaud Gaist (50)




Name Arnaud Gaist

Born June 11th 1971

Nationality French

Country of entry France

Race GGR 2022

Boat Class Suhaili

From Blois, France

Arnaud GAIST discovers sailing in the Paris underground where he immerses himself in the works of Moitessier, Slocum, Vito Dumas etc.

At the age of 23, he decides to leave his photography career behind to buy a 25ft sailboat (7.6m), learns to sail and leaves for a trip that will last 3 years.
At 25 years old, he crosses the atlantic self-handed and in rough conditions, without an engine without any communication, without a lifeboat, without a radar, using maps sometimes hand-traced, without a bathroom, insurance or a planned budget…

He shares Moitessier’s view that by waiting to be fully prepared before leaving, one risks not leaving at all.
Today, at 48 years of age, though he now sails in a more comfortable and safe boat, he has not lost his appetite for long solitary crossings, fluorescent plankton in the trails behind the sailboat on moonless nights, long swelling waves, the sound of water on the bow…To him, the rhythm and the approach to the crossing are as important as the arrival. In 2018, when he first heard about the 2018 GGR it was obvious that this race was made for him and his boat : a Barbican 33 mk2 keel version. Commited and driven to give his all to lead this journey to its end and close the loop.

His motto: “It’s not because it’s impossible that we should not do it! “


Boat [Suhaili]

Name prénom Feï of Shanghaï
Type BARBICAN 33 MKII (long keel version)
Designer Maurice Griffiths
Builder Barbican Yacht construction LTD
LOA 9.96 m
LWL 7.72
Beam 2.9m
Draft 1.22m
Displacement 6900kg
Sail area TBA

Boat is simple, robust and well thought out, rather narrow and under canvas, she is grafted in cutter.