Tim Newson (41)

United Kingdom



Name Tim Newson

Born June 17th 1980

Nationality British

Country of entry United Kingdom

Race GGR 2018

Boat Class Suhaili

Tim Newson started sailing in 1991 and has worked as a professional skipper since 2011. He teaches traditional navigation and seamanship and has made numerous voyages out into the North Atlantic. Before commiting full time to his GGR campaign, Tim worked as a designer and cabinet maker, as a researcher for the House of Commons and as a secretary for Médecins Sans Frontières. He studied History of Art at the Courtauld Institute, London, graduating in 2006.
His strategy for the GGR is simple: He will use the pleasure he knows he gets from his job – sailing the boat – to keep her moving as fast as possible. He says, “This GGR requires us to be practical and well prepared, but even more important is a robust philosophy. My own is that a good job, one that we get some satisfaction from, can help us deal with all kinds of difficulties and hardships”.
Tim has a Baba 35 class yacht which he plans to rename Labour of Love for the GGR Black Sheep is undergoing a complete refit in Chichester. He intends to make an 800 mile solo non-stop voyage to Norway, and take part in the 2017 OSTAR race before sailing back across the Atlantic solo to Falmouth. He has come up with the novel idea of collecting seawater at the start and off the Great Capes and selling it in personalised bottles to those supporting his campaign.


Boat [Suhaili]

Tim Newson purchased his Baba 35 class yacht for his sailing school in 2014 before learning about the GGR. After completing a two month voyage in the North Atlantic, he began a major refit, converting the yacht to tiller steering and rebuilding the foredeck. This work has expanded to include a watertight bulkhead forward of the mast and another crash bulkhead in the nose. The rear bulkhead has also been rebuilt to stop water draining from cockpit lockers into the bilges. The GRP hull has been taken back to the original gelcoat, smoothed and re-coated. With one of the longest waterlines and the biggest sail plans of all the GGR boats Tim is confident that the Baba 35 will be very competitive. He plans to rename his yacht Labour of Love for the Race.

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