OUT 2018

Nabil Amra (46)




Name Nabil Amra

Born September 3rd 1975

Nationality Palestinian

Country of entry Palestine

Race GGR 2018

Boat Class Suhaili

Nabil Amra is an American born Palestinian who works as a foreign exchange trader in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He purchased a ketch rigged version of the Biscay 36 class yacht built by the Falmouth Boat Company named Elle May which he returned her to the builder to have her prepared for the GGR.
In 2015, he sailed a catamaran with a friend across the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. “The effect on me was so profound that I began to look for a blue-water boat of my own and bought a Contessa 32 class yacht based in St. Maarten.
He says of the GGR: “My saltwater journey is just beginning! I’m preparing to start a new chapter in my life that has more to do with adventure. The Golden Globe Race came along at just the right time to turn an incessant daydream into reality. My eagerness is to sail under the Palestinian flag and to represent these forlorn people who have had little to be cheery about for a long time.”


Boat [Suhaili]


Name Liberty II
Type Biscay 36 Masthead ketch
Designer Alan Hill
Builder Robert Ives/Falmouth Boat Construction (UK)
LOA 35.92ft / 10.95m
LWL 27.00ft / 8.23m
Beam 10.75ft / 3.28m
Draft 5.75ft / 1.75m
Displacement 15680 lbs/ 7112 kgs
Sail area 570sq. ft / 52.95sq. m

Nabil Amra’s Elle May was the last of the Biscay 36 class yachts to be built by the Falmouth Boat Company in 1990. Initially, he and fellow skipper Antoine Cousot formed an alliance to prepare their two Biscay 38 yachts alongside each other, but work on bought the first, Viscaya, (now re-named Goldstar) built in 1975 and the two competitors joined forces to prepare their Alan Hill designed yachts but work on Elle May was delayed and she was not expected to be launched until April 2018.

Skipper Updates

July 18th 2018 12:00 AM

Nabil has retired from the Golden Globe Race and has safely made port at the southern tip of Teneriffe.

July 16th 2018 12:00 AM

Liberty II showed off her classic lines as she sailed around the bottom of Lanzarote. Nabil was happy and relaxed onboard. A day after leaving the film drop however he reported a crack in a weld on the wind vane self steering system and was going to return to the Canary Islands to repair it. Then he lay ahull and effected a repair but it wasn’t long before he reported that it “fell in too”. He then lashed it together but with the high loads in a wind vane self steering unit, its a hard thing to fix. A 100 mile beat upwind into 30 knots is not likely to be fun especially if he has to hand steer. Days of pain ahead for Nabil.

July 11th 2018 12:00 AM

Nabil presses on steadily. He reports trolling a line for fish but sadly caught a bird. Luckily he managed to save the bird by clearing the hook from its mouth. We can only imagine Nabil wrestling this distressed bird and it flying free to their combined relief.

July 6th 2018 12:00 AM

Nabil making progress and his daily texts reflect a state of good humour

Nabil has been quietly making progress since the start and no doubt getting some well earned rest after frantic pre start preparations. His daily texts reflect a state of good humour.

May 3rd 2018 12:00 AM

US/Palestinian Nabil Amra has changed the name of his Biscay 36 yacht to Liberty II. One of the few truly amateur skippers in the race, the former foreign exchange trader from Minnesota says that he entered the GGR first for the adventure, but just as importantly to honour his Father, a Palestinian immigrant who became a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy. Nabil’s Father was a serving officer when the research/ surveillance ship USS Liberty was mistakenly attacked by Israeli fighters and torpedo boats off the Sinai coast during the Arab / Israeli 6-Day War in 1967. 34 US crewmen died in the attack. Nabil’s Team Palestine GGR campaign is supported by survivors from the USS Liberty. Work on Liberty II has been delayed and she will not be launched until early May, leaving Nabil with just three weeks to complete his jury rig trial and sail a final 1,000 mile qualification distance.

April 5th 2018 12:00 AM

US/Palestinian Nabil Amra reports that work has now resumed at the Falmouth Boat Co to complete his Biscay 36 Ele May in time for his arrival in the UK on April 21. Having just resigned from his job as a foreign exchange trader on the Minnesota Stock exchange, Nabil has a last fundraising event in his home city on April 9 and after some precautionary dental treatment, intends to start sea trials, perform the jury rig test and complete his 2,000 solo qualification miles before the Suhaili 50 Falmouth Parade of Sail on June 14.

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