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GGR Notice of Race Determination No. 6 Uku Randmaa 20th February 2019

UKU RANDMAA Breach of NOR Routing is Forbidden


19th February 2019 at 1400hrs Race HQ received a recording of radio traffic between Uku Randmaa and a Ham operator discussing weather forecast conditions. During that exchange, Uku asked for and received specific information on the position of areas of no wind and how he should proceed to avoid those areas. The Ham operator provided a course and heading for Uku to follow. On two occasions during the exchange, the Ham operator made it clear to Uku that he was concerned the information being given may cause disqualification from the GGR, but Uku continued the exchange seeking further clarification. Uku was not able to act on the directions given due to the prevailing weather conditions.

RULES APPLICABLE Routing Forbidden. Personalised meteorological or geographical assistance, also named Routing is forbidden from one month before the start.
3.1.12 Failure to comply with any one of these rules will lead to the skipper having to abandon his race.


1. The recording is proven to be an accurate account of information exchange.
2. Uku Randmaa freely admitted the exchange of information, but declared he did not fully appreciate it was information defined as routing.
3. On explanation by the GGR committee, he accepted and agreed it was routing and would accept a penalty.
4. A breach of the Notice of Race is confirmed.


In the spirit of the GGR and to allow the entrant to stay in the event, a time penalty is approved.


Based on the position of the next Ranked entrant Istvan Kopar being approx. 519 miles astern of Uku Randmaa and sailing at 4.9kts at the time of the incident, a time penalty of 4.5 days, 108 hours is determined, to be served in a penalty box immediately on Notification to the Entrant.

The GGR Committee accepts that while routing is proven, Uku Randmaa did NOT knowingly intend to breach rules within the Notice of Race. A further 33% decrease in time penalty is allowed.

For the routing directions received a 72-hour time penalty is applied.

GGR Penalty Determination No. 7. UKU RANDMAA 20th February 2019

UKU RANDMAA request for special consideration on 72hr time penalty


At 0900UTC 20th February 2019 Uku Randmaa officially advised and declared he is short of food and requests that he be allowed to make direct to the finish line and the remaining time penalty be added to his finish time. He declared for the first time, that he has only 60 spoons of rice, 20 packets of dried soup, 23 freeze dried meals, 15 tea bags and four spoons of sugar to eat on the boat.


1. Uku Randmaa declared his Penalty start time of 02:40 UTC 20th February 2019.
2. In the spirit of the GGR and considering Uku has 2063 miles still to travel to the finish, it is agreed that the balance of his 72 hr time penalty may be added to the finish time and he may make for the finish line from 1000UTC. On 20th February 2019.


Uku Randmaa will have a penalty time of 65hrs 40 minutes added to his finish time.


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