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McIntyre Adventure

The opening of the Race Village on August 20th, 2022 marks the start of a very special adventure with two weeks of public festivities next to the GGR pontoon

Together with Les Sables d’Olonne we warmly welcome you to the race village of the GGR 2022!

We got some special treats for you, already on the opening day.

August 20 – Opening Day Schedule

  • 10:00 Gates open for public
  • 10:30 Official Opening ceremony
  • 16:00 Presentation of all 16 Entrants: Come see the skippers, listen to their presentations on stage, and feel the excitement of the open sea!
  • 19:30 Concert ‘Globalement Vôtre’ – A regional rock-folk band featuring Jean-Luc Van Den Heede!
  • 22:30 Fireworks

Don’t miss out. Join us on this very special day.

The following two weeks are packed with events around the race and its Skippers, animations for all ages, concerts and more. There is something for everyone: Learn to navigate with the stars and instruments of the past, attend conferences, interviews and demonstrations, participate in workshops and boat baptisms, and enjoy the Bar Guinguette during evening concerts.

The GGR Race Village will open each day from 10:00am to 8:00pm with special events taking place until late, please check our schedule for details. The bar will be open until 02:00am. The village is open to the public and is free of charge. Activities are planned for each day as well as entertainment specifically for children.


Manège Accrovoile

Climbing the mast has been part of the sailing sports since the dawn of time. Here you can try to climb the masts (from 5 years). At the top of the mast at a height of 8 meters a strong mind is needed. Everyone will be able to test their sea legs and rediscover the sensations of the sailors of the Tall Sailing Ships.

Manège Gazelles

A maritime carousel, consisting of 4 sailboats (2 Gazelles des Sables and 2 Lascars) with manual propulsion. Two people have to turn the carousel using a winch column, called a “coffee grinder”. Each ride is staged by one’s very own fantasy: Imagine a trip from where you are, a cruise, an expedition, a regatta, a crossing of the Atlantic.

L’Heure Solaire par la Méridienne / Meridian sun sight (starting August 27)

Hands-on introduction to solar navigation and the use of a sextant by Association Méridienne.

Association des Plaisanciers des Sables d’Olonne (APSO)  

L’APSO is an association that revolves around yachting and the pleasure of sailing. On the program of the “Budding Navigators” workshops you will be introduced to cartography and to nautical knots and you will be a able to follow lifeboat mission demonstrations (16h30)

Association Water Family

Common Objective of this association is the preservation of water, health and all living beings. Three different subjects will be explained at their stand: Domestic water cycle game (questions about good or bad use of water at home), Great Water Cycle game (questions about water in its different forms of appearance on the planet: valley, mountain, plain and ocean) and the Land-Ocean Odyssey game (understanding the connection of land, ocean and living beings).


Globalement Vôtre – 20.08.22, 7:30pm

A regional rock-folk band. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede and his fellow musicians enchant you on Keyboard/Accordion, Guitar, Bass & Drums. Come and welcome the skippers of the GGR2022 while singing with the winner of the 2018 edition: Jean-Luc Van Den Heede!

Concert of Sea Shanties / Un concert de chants marins – 24.08.22, 7:30pm

Join us in the evening after the fun regatta for a concert of sea shanties of the Olonnois.

SHOWYS – 27.08.22, 9pm

A diverse and colourful show is awaiting you to join for dancing to music from now and then.

The group consists of two singers and three musicians: guitar, bass and drums.

Come dance and celebrate ‘la Fête des jumelages’.

Idle Finger – 29.08.2022, 8:30pm

The trio diverts and returns from vintage to modern. It’s hard to imagine that their acoustic configuration can deliver such a powerful and unique sound. Not just covers, but an electrifying acoustic show that has already amazed thousands of people during more than 600 concerts in France and abroad. 

Force 5 – 31.08.22, 8pm

A group of passionate singers and musicians (accordion, banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, harmonica, cajon, mandolin, percussion, synthesizer). Come dance and sing along the sea shanties.

DJ Loran – 02.09.22, 9pm

DJ Loran is a musician and producer known for his specific style, Celtic Electro, which is a mix of traditional music and electro. Come and discover this unique universe: Le Moby Breton.

SGT Pepper – 04.09.22, 5:30pm

The three talented members share the same passion for the timeless pop of the Beatles. The trio tackles the Beatles’ repertoire by offering a total rediscovery of the Liverpool band’s greatest hits, relying on acoustic instruments and 3-voice vocal harmonies. Come to the village of the GGR2022 and celebrate after the departure of the skippers.


Les Olonnois – 24.08.22, 3pm, Bay of LSO 

A fun regatta: 20 boats from Les Sables d’Olonne will go out for a friendly regatta in the bay. On each classic wooden boat, the skipper will welcome a GGR entrant for the channel parade and a fun ‘race’ around the buoy.

Mozz, Ile aux trésors – 26.08.22, 7:30pm

Known and broadcasted in many places around the world: Treasure Island is a great show with several acts of art such as aerial artists, juggling, balance and on top characteristic music around the world of pirates.

The ‘guinguette des loupiots’ by ‘la roue tourne’ / La guinguette des loupiots par la compagnie « la roue tourne » – 31.08.22, 5pm

The popular cabaret show by Luciole, Gaspard and Gédéon are inviting families to a special movement that quickly takes on meaning in the collective. On Grandma Lulu’s boat, children, parents and grandparents poetically wonder about the human relationship to time, to nature and other… In a positive and gracious atmosphere, all generations are invited to dream, sing and make the parquet resonate!