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Day 219: Ian Herbert Jones rescue underway, first ETA 1700 UTC today

Ian Herbert Jones (52) / UK / Tradewind 35 - "PUFFIN" @Ian Herbert Jones / GGR2022
  • Ian experienced a tough night unable to cut the mast free because of storm conditions and is taking pain killers for injured back. Water ingress into the hull stopped.
  • Ian reports at first light his back injury is mobile able to work. Can climb ladders for evacuation, weather moderated to 4/5mtr sea and 25/30 kt wind,
  • Mast still over the side but not banging too much and he is now trying to cut free. Plenty of power for VHF , sat phone and YB3 , AIS is on and transmitting. He will test the engine later today to check if it is operational for manoeuvring.
  • SAR Puerto Belgrano Argentina and MRCC Taiwan coordinated the routing of three Taiwanese fishing vessels, the FA DA CAI, ETA 1700 UTC in addition to the ZI DA WANG, ETA 1900 UTC and YUH SHENG N°1. 

While the GGR Crisis Management Team ( CMT)  kept Ian informed of the developments in his rescue throughout the night, they were not receiving response and updates. He was however manually activating the “acknowledgment” button on his YB3 device, meaning he was conscious and informed of the latest developments, even if physically diminished.

At 0647 UTC GGR had confirmation from SAR Puerto Belgrano that a Taiwanese fishing vessel, the ZI DA WANG, 90 miles away from his position had been diverted to his position with an ETA at 1900 UTC the same day, earlier than the Fisheries Patrol boat Lilibet, 300 miles to his South that would arrive the next day.


 At 0842 UTC ; Ian  sent a message through his YB3 positioning and texting device: ALL RECD THKU! OK HERE TOUGHNIGHT TRYING2STAYWARM, shortly followed by another message at 0852 : GRTNEWS REF FISHIMGBOAT WAITING4 FIRSTLIGHT 2CLEAR RIG. 

From this moment on, the GGR team knew that he was able, active in his own rescue and aware of the effort taking place coordinated by the SAR Puerto Belgrano in Argentina, the MRCC Taiwan, as well as ETA’s for the ship’s arrival on his position. 

At 0845 UTC GGR contacted the SAR Puerto Belgrano in charge of the rescue coordination to share the news about Ian. The Officer in Charge informed that a second fishing vessel the Taiwanese flagged FADACAI had been contacted and changed course towards Puffin with a 1700 UTC ETA. They informed the GGR that the British Ship Lilibet had been released from rescue operations due to adverse weather conditions and late ETA. The Lilibet at the time was still en route towards Puffin, but  later stood down and is no longer involved in the rescue.


At 1010 UTC, Ian called the GGR from his satellite phone, confirming he had received messages and had rested. He took Ibuprofen last night from his medical kit and his back is mobile. Ian confirmed he is able to work on deck and can climb a ladder if needed. You can listen to his call here.

Ian Herbert Jones (52) / UK / Tradewind 35 – “PUFFIN” some onboard safety Gear. @Ian Herbert Jones / GGR2022

Weather moderated significantly at PUFFIN, to 4/5mtr sea and 25/30kt wind. Puffin’s mast is still over the side, but not banging too much on the hull. The boom is secured onboard, and there is no more water ingress in the boat from his broken cabin hatch. He has power for communication including VHF , sat phone and YB3, AIS is on and transmitting. He will test the motor later today to check if it is operational for rescue.

We’re all hands on deck obviously thinking of IAN and grateful for the international efforts to assist him. Fortunately the situation has improved dramatically for several reasons: first Ian is able and active in his rescue, secondly, the weather conditions at PUFFIN have improved a lot facilitating the possibility of a transfer operation, which will still be challenging and the final decision is with the master of the fishing vessels.

Don McIntyre, GGR Founder and Chairman

The GGR wish to thank the CROSS Griz-Nez, the UK Maritime and CoastGuard Agency and in particular the SAR Puerto Belgrano in Argentina who has worked tirelessly to contact vessels in Puffin’s vicinity, as well as the MRCC Taiwan for their coordination and cooperation in Ian’s rescue, as well as the Masters and crews of the Lilibet, the M/V Da Zi Wang and the Fa Da Cai and Yuh Shenh N°1 for perpetuating the tradition of the sea in very adverse conditions.


Ian Herbert Jones (52) / UK / Tradewind 35 – “PUFFIN” at Les Sables d’Olonne GGR 2022 Start Date 4th of Sep 2022. @GGR / Nora Havel

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