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Day 99

Atlantic landfalls

In the Atlantic, it is the last stretch for Arnaud and Guy. The former is preparing his landing north of Saint Helena, the latter one has been blown north of Cape Town by the wind and the current, the last few miles will be tough. At least the two Atlantic sailors can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Ian and Elliott, at the longitude of Madagascar, have a 3° North-South difference, or 180 miles, which is enough to have different weather. Ian is coming into strong winds while Elliott is stuck in a high today. The American did however break his 24-hour record on Friday night: 164 miles!

On the second half of the exclusion zone, Jeremy and Michael are doing well: 148nm for Cpt Gugg this morning. The two of them are flirting with the line, below 43° south, and will have strong winds from west to north all week, so it remains to be seen if they take advantage of this to put some north in their route when they can!

The leading trio has been firing on all cylinders. Kirsten is running away from a high pressure at 46° South, and beat the 7-day fleet record  again this morning with 1165.2 miles, a 6.9 knots average. Abhilash at the end of the zone beat his own 24-hour record on Friday: 189.6 miles, a 7.9 knots average! Simon, well in the lead, posted the best 24 distance for the fleet at midday with 150 miles for a 740 miles cushion.


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