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Day 95 – 2

Want South?

With the Vortex and Antarctic Oscillation pushing the low-pressure systems south, the GGR fleet is heading towards the exclusion zone looking for wind. All but Abhilash are below 43°S, and South-African sailors Kirsten and Jeremy are gybing very close to 44°. Simon is sailing in a straight line below 45° in search of steady downwind conditions.

Life in the south is in routine mode, several sailors experienced strong gales over the last few days. Captain Gugg is enjoying the company of a family of whales, attracted by the music he thinks, and Elliott who is joining Ian in the roaring 40s has caught a tuna to improve his food routine. Both will be caught by a high-pressure bubble later in the day.

In the Atlantic, Guy and Arnaud are almost at the same distance to their next stopover: 300 miles to Cape Town for the Briton, 340 miles to St Helena for the Frenchman. Both dragging a big pack of barnacles which is slowing their progress and playing with their mind. Hang in there, you’re almost there!


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