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Day 95 – 1

Landfall for Tapio!

It is Tapio Lehtinen on the front page of the Daily Report this morning for making landfall in OPL Jakarta, halfway between Asteria‘s sinking site and Rizhao where the Darya Gayatri is due. Tapio will be home for Christmas this year, which is good, since he will be in New Zealand with Galiana for the next one. Many thanks to Captain Naveen Kumar Mehrotra and his crew!

It’s still very fast at the forefront of the fleet, where the leading trio is finally sharing the same weather system: 158 miles for Simon, 161 for Abhilash and 173 for Kirsten who has been flirting dangerously with the exclusion zone this morning! Friendly reminder, each hour spent in the zone is punished by a 3-hour penalty.

Behind them, Michael, Jeremy, Ian and Elliot all had good progress this morning, with fresh wind albeit in different weather systems. Ian broke his personal best 24-hour record with 171.3 miles, equalling Damien’s, and averaging over 7 knots! Elliott is taking advantage of the pressure to go south, and Guy to clock 100 miles in a day. 

The morale of the sailors, always better when there is wind, is high today in the GGR!


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