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Day 85

The rich get richer

The speeds are lower and rankings are unchanged this morning, but the front of the fleet was fast over the last few days: Simon, Captain Gugg, Abhilash and Kirsten have all beaten their 24-hour record! Kirsten’s extensive knowledge of the south and her maps of currents helped get the tracker into new GGR performance territory: 9.71 knots average speed over 4 hours and 218 miles over 24 hours!

Jeremy, in 5th place, remains in ambush at 40° south, while Ian and Elliott are struggling to leave the Cape of Good Hope. Puffin showed up immaculate in Granger Bay, and Ian took 6th place from Elliott as he spent 3 days repairing and strengthening his bowsprit. Elliott’s objective is to keep going, which he is now doing in under staysail and reefed main, taking advantage of his fractional rig with inner stay and runners.

In the Atlantic, Guy and Arnaud are a thousand miles from the gate, but in different situations. Guy has a boat in good condition but slowed down by a barnacle invasion. Arnaud has a clean hull but faces rigging problems he is struggling to solve at sea. He cannot sail upwind for the moment, but is making progress into the high, to repair in the calmer conditions.


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