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Day 82

7 through Cape Town!

With Ian yesterday, there are now 7 skippers through the Cape Town gate! Puffin was in brilliant form, and his skipper was as positive and determined as ever. Ian still has over 2 months to cover the 5400 miles to Hobart, which seems more than enough time. In the Atlantic, Guy and Arnaud are on opposite tacks this morning, but not in the right direction!

In False Bay, Elliott has spent the day implementing his plan to repair and reinforce his bowsprit. He is due to call today and share a detailed report on his repairs. Up front, Jeremy is gliding downwind on his now clean Olleanna, Capt Gugg at 43°S and a day away from the exclusion zone resting between two lows.

In the leading trio, Abhilash and Kirsten have taken advantage of the windy conditions to regain some 50 miles on Simon and are crossing within AIS and VHF range this morning, no doubt they have some stories to share! At the crossing, Abhilash is now ahead of Kirsten this morning. 720 miles to the east, Simon has taken advantage of the calm to rest and will pick up the wind later today.

Update: Elliott is on his way with bowsprit repaired!

Elliott Smith (27) / USA / Gale Force 34 – “SECOND WIND” bowsprit repaires on Simon’s Town mooring. Picture Credit: Simon McDonnell / FBYC

Thanks Rian Leisegang and Simon McDonnell for all your help!

Late this afternoon Elliott completed his bowsprit repairs on Second Wind following three days of hard work. The front of the bowsprit folded up, cracking the stainless tube weakening the security of the forestay. With some technical advice from a local rigger and great moral support from the False Bay Yacht Club members plus staff from the Simons Town Marina, he was able to fabricate new components and build an effective compression strut over three days. He also doubled up on the bobstay with a 10mm chain and ran the same chain around the stainless tube to create some extra side support.

GGR control was able to monitor and assess progress thanks to photos and video supplied by Simon McDonnell right up to sea trials. While not perfect, the opinion is, that managed correctly by the skipper, the bowsprit is not unsafe. The inner forestay supports the mast well and combined with running backstays secures the mast without consideration of the forestay when sailing with the staysail and reefed main. The furling genoa is being swapped for a smaller jib and the entire Southern Ocean legs can be sailed under staysail alone.

In 1968, Bernard Moitessier damaged his bowsprit and spent a few days in the same area effecting repairs before continuing on. Elliott made no landing and received no physical support, so remains in the GGR rankings. He is now on his way to Hobart.


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