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Day 81

Around the world, but not in 80 days

81 days at sea and Phileas Fogg has beaten the fleet around the world, but not Sir Robin yet who took 313 days in 1968. Suhaili has now joined Guy and Arnaud who are making slow progress this morning albeit on a direct course to Cape Town, but upwind, on the wrong side of the high pressure.

In South Africa, Ian should arrive in the afternoon, in a wind and sea that are gradually slowing down and rotating SW for a smooth landing. On the other side of the peninsula, Second Wind at anchor is enjoying a winter refit. The repairs are complicated with what’s onboard, and the outcome uncertain, but Elliott is a resourceful, enthusiastic and spirited sailor.

South, everyone is now in the 40’s and gliding along nicely in conditions more typical of the place and the season. Jeremy 5th is on the longitude of Port Elizabeth (RSA) , Michael 4th on Maputo (MOZ) and Kirsten 2nd on Madagascar. All three have their weekly call this morning which will be online later today.

Kirsten and Abhilash are both very happy to be sailing in the Southern Oceans and back in race mode, they post the best averages this morning with 154 and 160 nm respectively! Simon up front will be caught by a high-pressure bubble later which he will use to dry out Clara and rest after a few wet and windy days.


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