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Day 80

Cape Town, it’s hard to leave you

The gale is here for Ian, who is heading for Table Mountain at over 7 knots and should reach it by midday tomorrow, being only 130 nm from the gate. Elliott arrived at Simon’s Town anchorage, well protected from this NW wind, turning west in the evening, and is assessing the repair of his bowsprit, a structural part of his rig. His weekly call is scheduled for today at 0930 UTC, we will know more by then.

Jeremy should escape the strongest wind but he and Capt Gugg will have some good, typical southern conditions over the next few days. Jeremy and Ian have been informed by GGR HQ of the weather forecast for their positions and are ready to face the music. Capt Gugg further south will get lighter conditions.

Ahead, Simon, with a 780 nm lead is in a different weather system to Kirsten, Abhilash who are stuck in high pressure. The situation should be reversed tomorrow evening when the understated British sailor will be becalmed, close to the centre of the same high-pressure system, while his pursuers will have a strong northerly wind, allowing them to close in on him.

It’s more cruel for Arnaud and Guy in the Atlantic, with a large high pressure system centered on their position by tomorrow that will last for a few days. But if there is a lack of wind at the back of the fleet, there is no lack of fortitude, humour or optimism. Hats off to Guy and Arnaud, hang tight!


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