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Day 79

Table Mountain view?

With Elliott through, the next entrant expected in Cape Town is Ian. Worried about the time limit in Hobart, he pondered not making the gate, and continue in Chichester Class, but said the wind would decide. He will have plenty of strong westerlies later today, so this may help him make up his mind? Arnaud and Guy are in a nice southerly flow this morning, but should be careful with the high!

The same strong westerly system will cross the fleet later, helping Elliott sail away from the beautiful South African coastline, as well as Jeremy now 5th, 160 miles to his south east. Cpt Gugg who is wondering about typical Southern Ocean conditions, will have a first experience tomorrow night and all week in strong westerlies!

For the frontline trio, the south means business! Simon, with a 700 miles lead, is on course slightly below 42° S, a more conservative route than his previous incursions at the limit of the exclusion zone! Abhilash and Kirsten both at 040°.49E and only 55 miles apart are back in business with 122 nm and 143 nm respectively. They will both receive time compensation for their involvement in Tapio’s rescue later this week.

Update: Broken bowsprit

Elliott on Second Wind has just called GGR race control to advise his bowsprit has broken in half. He has secured the mast and rig and is not at this time concerned about it. Weather is mild at the moment with light following breeze and low sea and he is approximately 32 miles from Simons Town anchorage where Jeremy cleared his barnacles. He is motoring now and may reach anchorage by tonight and will assess the situation at that time. More information as it comes available. GGR is NOT concerned at the moment and has NOT declared a Code Orange.


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