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Day 78

Thank god it’s Monday

No daily report on Friday, but we had a few high emotions! This morning Tapio is on his way to Rizhao on the Darya Gayatri, Abhilash is back in his race, Kirsten has taken advantage of the calm to rest and clean the hull. Both will receive compensation during the week for their time and effort. Simon had his first big gale in the south.

Close to South Africa, Cpt Gugg found fresh downwind conditions, Jeremy set off after his stop in Simon’s Town to get rid of the barnacles and enjoying the company of friends after 75 days at sea, and Elliott crossed the line yesterday night with a beautiful tuna for a protein and Omega 3 diet in the south!

In the Atlantic, there are only two sailors left west of the Greenwich Meridian which they will cross this week. Guy is closing the fleet, looking for calm to clean the hull but is making progress, Arnaud is still struggling to sail upwind and is slowly being caught up. Up ahead, Ian is only 330 miles from Cape Town and the next to cross the gate this week!


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