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Day 74

Six through, four to go?

With Olleanna through Granger Bay photogate, the South Africans are now done with the Atlantic and heading South. Jeremy is in great shape, heading for Simon’s Town, his home port, to anchor, get rid of the remaining barnacles and see some friends. He hopes to gain a few more places!

In front, it is far from typical Southern oceans conditions, with yachts pushed by a nice westerly swell and breeze. Simon’s wind changed from a N to a SW flow, Abhilash and Kirsten went from no wind to NW, Tapio 140 miles ahead has no wind, pushed North by the current, and Gugg finally has some fresh air after several days of drifting.

Several low-pressure systems will cross the fleet from tomorrow onwards, finally bringing Westerly winds. A situation that could benefit Jeremy who, like Damien, could gain on the fleet and catch the train by following the shortest downwind route!

In the Atlantic, Ian and Elliott will be the first to get this westerly flow. Elliott, eager to get into Southern conditions, should be next in Cape Town in around 6 days. Behind them, Guy and Arnaud are struggling on the wrong side of the high at 31°S, upwind, and pushed back by the swell.


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