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Day 73


In the south, despite uncomfortable conditions, it is a relief for the sailors to be finally there, after a complicated Atlantic descent and the proximity of land at Granger Bay. Gugg got his mojo back, Kirsten is in her element, 2018 veterans Tapio and Abhilash said on their Tuesday call that they were happy to finally be back in the big swell and marine life. Simon, 450 miles ahead, is dealing with the overnight gale at the edge of the exclusion zone.

South or not, that was the question Ertan asked himself as he approached Cape Town, finally deciding to moor “Lazy Otter” at the RCYC alongside Pat and Damien. “I was looking for the unknown, and I found it,” he concluded. He leaves Abhilash as the sole Rustler Ambassador in the GGR2022. Next to the gate is Jeremy, with 70 miles of downwind sailing who should arrive overnight, and eradicate the barnacles that have been slowing him down since the Equator.

Behind him, Elliott, less than 600 miles from Cape Town, and Ian, 800 miles away, are making good progress. The latter, however, has HF radio issues that could hamper his comms and weather reception. Guy and Arnaud, battling with Sir Robin’s Suhaili are upwind in fresh winds, but the high-pressure system moving east could still play some tricks.


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