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Day 71

Monday blues.

It’s odd this morning to watch the tracker without seeing Pat giving it all at the forefront of the fleet, and Damien catching-up with the regularity of a metronome, with some genius strokes. He is landing in Cape Town this morning, will take a berth at the RCYC and will talk about his choices to Don and Aïda. In any case, this Monday morning, we, and the other sailors in the fleet are missing them dearly.

Up front, Simon, who has a lead in excess of 450 miles over his pursuers, will cross the high pressure during the day, and is settling at 43° S with a one degree margin over the exclusion zone which he should reach within 3 days. Behind, the lead pack of Tapio clocking big mileage this weekend with 163 nm this morning, followed by Kirsten and Abhilash is grouped in pursuit, clawing back the miles. Cpt Gugg is struggling to get back in pace after his gate crossing and proximity to land.

For those in the Atlantic, Ian has covered the most distance this weekend, in a low-pressure pulling Elliott south in search of a lower barometer. The same low pressure will benefit Jeremy and Ertan who are 2 and 4 days from Cape Town. Arnaud and Guy, 1500 and 1700 miles from South Africa, are taking advantage of a SW flow that will change to the SE tomorrow after a quiet night.


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