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Day 69

Windy, but not for everyone.

Not for Captain Gugg and Nuri though, still 30 miles off Granger Bay in light winds. He is expected around 1600 UTC today, and will be welcomed by Don, Aida and the RCYC team. Damien makes a move! With the weather information he got in Cape Town, he positioned himself east of those in front of him, waiting for the NW wind last night, turning WSW later, which allows him -same as in Trindade- to cut corners and sail less distance. He is 3rd this morning

The Southern Ocean entry is getting real for the forefront of the fleet, particularly for Simon who has received a gale warning (over 35 knots) from GGR. For Tapio, Kirsten and Abhilash who tacked overnight, they will take on the next low-pressure system which is due early next week for a real taste of Southern Oceans for the top 6.

For the second half of the fleet, the ones south have more wind, like Ian who also received a gale warning from GGR for a low-pressure system forming over the weekend. This same low will bring fresh winds to Elliott to his north, then Ertan east of him, and Jeremy whose southern route will expose him to stronger winds. Guy and Arnaud, however, will have to wait for a few more days of calm before moving.


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