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Day 67

Southern mixed bag

Simon is on a SW course towards the high-pressure, extending his now 350 nm lead over Tapio and Kirsten, currently greeted in the South by a strong easterly wind.  

Pat, who arrived in Cape Town in 4th place, is moored at the RCYC pontoon and has confirmed his decision to retire from the GGR following gear failure. “If this had happened in Hobart, I would have continued, but not here”. Always at the forefront of the fleet, this great seaman and formidable racer in fisherman’s clothing will be missed.

Abhilash, first Rustler on the water, is 20 miles from the gate which he should cross this afternoon. Damien, 100 miles back and the fastest this morning with 150 miles sailed in 30 knots of SSE, is expected in the evening. Michael, further south, is working hard in strong winds and big swell, and should arrive on Saturday morning.

Behind them, it’s not getting any better in the extended high-pressure area blocking them. Only Elliott, on the most northerly course is sailing higher than a 4 knots average, while the other five are around 2 to 3 knots. Jeremy and Ertan will get fresh wind on the weekend while at the back end it won’t be until next week. Timing, for them, is becoming critical.


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