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Day 65

Up and coming

As Simon is turning left, Tapio and Kirsten are less than 45 miles from the Cape Town gate, Minnehaha coming from the south with a slight lead, Asteria from the west in south-westerly winds. Difficult prognosis here, except they will both arrive mid-afternoon and very (very) close to each other. Both sailors are enjoying the South Atlantic conditions they are used to, and their boats seem to be in excellent shape.

Pat is expected tomorrow afternoon. He is facing mechanical issues with his Aries windvane and unsure if he can fix it without spares or assistance. The three musketeers Abhilash, Damien and Michael are in a gybing duel within a day of Pat, which seems to favour the Indian Navy Commander so far, for a tight finish on Friday. Bring on the Rustler duel!

Ertan and Jeremy are sailing in fresh wind, the South-African’s voluntary south position allows him a more direct route reaching in stronger wind, and surfing which he enjoys a lot! Behind them at Eole’s lottery, Elliott is the winner this morning (114 miles), although tomorrow might favour Ian and Guy for strong, steady winds. The latter gained another 25 miles on Arnaud, stuck in a windless zone and catching up during this southern transatlantic crossing!


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