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Day 61

2 months at sea, and a sprint to Cape Town

It’s been two months since the start in Les Sables d’Olonne, and the GGR entrants are working their way into Cape Town. The 13 sailors still racing after the Canaries are all determined to get to the southern oceans but are facing a few issues, notably barnacles for the majority, lack of water, and some electrical problems.

No major change in the fleet, the Southerners Pat and Kirsten got fresh wind overnight, the Northerners are still upwind. Damien and Abhilash are flirting with the bubble under spinnaker, and everyone is moving in good order behind them. Cpt Gugg is posting 154 miles, the best average of the fleet and Guy Waites the slowest but in the right direction, having decided to aim for Cape Town!

Interestingly, apart from Pat, only the two locals Kirsten and Jeremy, are clearly taking the long way home on a southern course. Do they know something the others don’t? It won’t be enough for Kirsten to get in her home waters in first position, but it doesn’t matter. Her daring options, panache and incredible seamanship brought her back to the front of the fleet. Bravo.

Simon is expected on Sunday afternoon, Kirsten and Tapio the next day, and Pat on Tuesday, they will be welcomed by Don, Aïda, the Royal Cape Yacht Club, and many South African supporters in Granger Bay. 


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