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Day 59

Wonder Woman

We talked the talk, she walked the walk: Kirsten is in 2nd position this morning! She still posts the best averages with 152 miles since yesterday, and is the only one to have gained ground on Simon. She is 250 miles behind the Briton and still has to go through a high pressure area, while Simon, upwind, will sail in established, easing winds for a nail biting sprint to the Cape town photogate!

Tapio -3rd- is trying to get out of the high pressure bubble on a northerly route, like Pat -4th- flirting with it on the south side.  Abhilash and Damien are no longer flirting, but in the middle of the bubble for lack of a clear option earlier, and are being caught-up by Captain Gugg who has found light, but downwind conditions 100 miles to the south.

Behind them, it’s more straightforward: Ertan, Jeremy, Elliott, Ian and Arnaud are on an almost direct course and should get stronger pressure coming from the south, with another 2200 miles to Cape Town for Arnaud. Guy is only 900 miles from Itajai and should be in better, south-easterly winds tomorrow.


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