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Day 58

Local knowledge

The outcome of choices made earlier by the leaders are beginning to unfold, with varying fortunes… North of the high-pressure system, Simon, Tapio and Abhilash are knitting upwind, one stitch up, one stitch down… On the other side, Kirsten and Pat are reaping the benefits of their daring option and southern commitment!

Kirsten is still the fastest GGR sailor over the last 24 hours with the best VMG, now in 3rd place and on course to take second place from Tapio by tomorrow! Pat further north has less wind, which allowed him to scrape Green Rebel’s hull yesterday. The high-pressure system moving north, should bring him more wind while depriving the northerners of breeze, a good card to play!

This morning, everyone has gained ground on Simon, starting with Arnaud, Ian, Elliott Jeremy, Ertan and Gugg, all clocking between 100 and 130 miles since yesterday on a good ESE route. Damien, stuck between the two groups, is fighting in light winds, with a menacing windless bubble on his way. Guy, en route to Itajai, has favourable winds this week, and making good progress towards the hull clean-up.


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