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Day 5

Day 5, Damien Guillou has arrived in Les Sables d’Olonne, with the PRB team on deck for repair, enabling him to make most of Saturday’s easterly conditions, although winds look unstable in strength and direction in the bay of Biscay over the next few days. 150 miles from Les Sables, Edward Walentynowicz seems to have made up his mind, heading towards Vendée on a 60° course.

Mid-fleet, the ‘Spaniards’ led by Guy Waites and Jeremy Bagshaw off Cape Ortegal ,are making progress along the coast, soon to be tailed by Mark Sinclair, Ian Herbert Jones and Arnaud Gaist who decided to head South. Jeremy’s position on the Tracker was faulty earlier this morning but now back on the proverbial track.

Up front, Simon Curwen is leading the way off La Coruña with a coastal option, followed by Pat Lawless and Abhilash Tomy on a port tack away from the coast and towards Michael Guggenberger. Tapio Lehtinen’s perseverance seems to be paying off, but perhaps not enough against Simon. We’ll know later today.


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