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Day 45

Shaking things up

Tapio took the lead overnight thanks to his position east of Simon who is now second, a position that Pat could also challenge. Damien, pushing to the east, has not only taken Kirsten’s 5th place overnight, but Abhilash’s 4th position this morning!

It’s a bit early for Champagne though. Simon is already at 30° south and his route will pay off as the high-pressure moves east. The wind should finally ease for him and Abhilash tomorrow morning, and see a significant course change to recover their positions. It is more ambiguous between Kirsten and Damien, he has the most easterly course at 155°, and the best 24H performance at 156 miles.

There will be fewer changes north of Trindade, Ertan on the shortest route will consolidate his position as leader of the second pack, and the others will converge towards Trindade in the current order, with a nice card to play for Elliot (another 136nm/24H) on Guy Waites could he course by 20° to the south.

Wait and see.


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