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Day 44

North-South Divide

The fleet is now divided between those who rounded Trindade, and those still heading there. The latter, led by Damien at 100 miles, are taking advantage of a small east wind rotation after Salvador de Bahia to converge towards the island. The next four, led by Guy, are still having to follow the S/E breeze, bringing them closer to the Brazilian coast.

Up North, Elliott is posting the best 24-hour performance with 147nm, gaining 40 miles over his group of four, and keeping the pace of Damien and Gugg further south, those are the American’s best three consecutive days since mid-September!

South of the island, on the other hand, is time for divergence. Simon and Abhilash, the most advanced, continue their southern route looking for the favourable rotation to the east, while Pat and Tapio are taking advantage of an easing easterly to push east. Kirsten is suffering from her west position, and could lose her 5th place to Damien in the next few days.

At this rate, Tapio should take the lead on paper in the next few days, but this will only be confirmed once the fleet has caught the high pressure system moving east. A system that could give an advantage to those sailing north of Trindade, who will then cover less distance than the leaders.


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