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Day 37

Dashed hopes at the back of the fleet…

Last night, the wind came in from the south on the last group and allowed Ian, Elliott and Arnaud to head 200° at 5 knots, giving hope that their doldrums ordeal was finally coming to an end. Alas, they are stuck this morning on the wrong course, with no speed, while the ICTZ will extend south again this evening. Only Guy seems to have escaped the tentacular doldrums below 2° south, leaving his mates in his wake.

Mid-fleet, Jeremy is crossing the equator this morning, albeit with an unusual speed deficit for Oleanna. Ertan to the east is pedal to the metal, having a great day at 140 miles, gaining 40 nm on Michael and 10 nm on Damien, who is about 100 miles from Fernando de Noronha, which he should leave to starboard tomorrow.

Up front, the dynamic duo ’Pat & Tap’ are trucking at 149 miles/day on a 200° course, tighter than Abhilash at 240° who should be crossing them within VHF range today, and Kirsten who is being pushed towards Brazil by stronger winds and seas west of them. Same for Simon, 200 miles ahead and 500 miles from Trindade Island, which he should round at the end of the week. 


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