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Day 36

Southern promises.

The wind came up later than expected and the mid-fleet pack only got air on Sunday to head south and escape the doldrums that will further expand this week. Only Damien (6th) passed the Equator last night, with a dancing Cpt Gugg, a relieved Ertan expected later today, and Jeremy tomorrow.

Behind, it’s a struggle, Elliott and Ian are in the hole which Arnaud is reaching at good speed, while Guy narrowly missed the train on Sunday. With the doldrum extension from Tuesday, it could be a long week for them, but Guy may just be at the southern edge of it. Fingers crossed.

Up front, Abhilash in second place is holding-up, he is on a more open angle, faster and more comfortable course than his companions to the West: his averages of over 7 knots, best 24-hour distance of the day (164 nm equal with Pat) and of the week (167 miles on Sunday) may well make the difference to Trindade, and on Simon’s gap (230 nm).


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