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Day 25

Same, same, but different

While Simon and Tapio are still in the lead, posting low averages at 60 miles/day, the situation behind them has changed quite a bit. All is well now for Kirsten who keeps finding wind in her west, and Jeremy who is crossing the Cape Verde islands at decent speed. Damien, Ian and Arnaud are now sailing a SW course rather than South, following Jeremy towards the archipelago.

The east side is a lot more quiet than yesterday for Abhilash, caught by a windless bubble. Also Ertan and Guy, caught by a rather quick Elliott, now only 70 miles to their north and eager to sail away from the Saharan coasts. The “Calima” winds have covered Second Wind’s deck with sand, massive insects and dead birds, a slightly traumatic experience that he recounts in yesterday’s safety call.

Hard to draw conclusions as the rubber band stretches and contracts. Yesterday’s winners will be tomorrow’s losers, and vice versa. A situation that will last a few more days.


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