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Day 246

Captain Gugg and Jeremy find themselves separated by a vast 1,000-mile expanse, skillfully navigating the open seas towards the picturesque Bay of Biscay. Both sailors are embracing the favourable weather conditions to make headway on their respective journeys.

Gugg, however, encountered an unexpected detour that cost him a few hours. Undeterred, he managed to cover an impressive 111 nautical miles in just 24 hours, cruising at a brisk pace of 6.1 knots. The shores of Les Sables d’Olonne now lie only 350 miles away, beckoning him forward.

Meanwhile, Jeremy continues to make great strides, propelled by the gentle touch of light winds. However, an emerging low-pressure system threatens to impede his progress over the next day.

In other exciting news, Arnaud has returned from his sun-soaked Caribbean holiday. Stay tuned for a captivating recount of his GGR adventure in the coming days. Additionally, don’t miss the much-anticipated interview with Abhilash, scheduled for tomorrow afternoon!

As we approach the grand finale, all other skippers eagerly prepare for their face-to-face debriefings during the prize-giving ceremony on June 24th.


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