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Day 240

Captain Gugg is currently making significant progress towards Les Sables-d’Olonne with favourable sailing conditions generated by a low pressure system to the north. The weather forecast also looks promising for the next few days, with southwest winds helping him get closer to home at about 700 miles and an estimated arrival date between May 12 and 14.

Jeremy on the other hand is facing challenges as he navigates his destination. He is moving slowly towards the centre of the Azores anticyclone, blocking its path and has only traveled 42 miles in the past 24 hours. However, the anticyclone is expected to move slowly north-east over the next few days, opening the way for well established SW winds. But this window of favourable winds won’t last long, as forecasts indicate lighter winds starting May 6. Despite the challenges, Jeremy reports that all is well on board, although he may feel frustrated and dreams of the arrival that still seems so near, yet so far.

Capt Gugg is running hard east at 6.8kts making the most of good sailing conditions generated by a low pressure system north of him that is now breaking apart. The sun is shining with 25-30kt WSW winds and he has a slight current also assisting. Now on the other side of the Azores things seem to be falling into place for him on the final run to Biscay! Following SW winds will keep him happy for the next three days and get him to within 700 miles of home. An ETA of between 12th and 14th seems possible. Nuri is still proving to be very reliable after 29,000 miles thanks to his solid preparation and at times conservative sailing. Michael is sure to be reflecting on his life over the past eight months and that 13 competent sailors are all behind him… go Captain Gugg!

Jeremy is slowly driving into the centre of the Azores high blocking his path. He made only 42 miles in the past 24hrs. The high is expected to move slowly NE in the next few days opening the way for him to get going again on track for home with a well developed SW wind, but not for long. The forecast is suggesting more light winds from the 6th. He will be enjoying the gentle sailing, but after so long away, dreaming of the finish so close but so far threatens the joy! It will also be frustrating. He reports all well onboard.



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