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Day 23

With the fleet looking for elusive winds, Arnaud clocks another day at 130 miles, the best performance of the fleet over 24 hours, reducing the gap on the others who are glued further south. Damien did most of the situation, catching up with the mid-fleet pack, but will now have to wait for the wind to return from the North tomorrow.

For all the others, it’s a bit of a slow gamble in stormy weather, many of them didn’t receive the weather maps, which all say the same thing anyway: no wind today… We’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the wind to come back from the North, testing nerves ahead of the fleet, except for Pat, Kirsten and Abhilash who found a small low-pressure system between Cape Verde and Gambia, allowing them to head South faster than their mates, notably Simon and Tapio.

The two leaders, Southwest of Cape Verde can already taste what the doldrums have in store for them, sailing in the middle of a windless bubble alternating calms, squalls and showers. They will have plenty of time to prepare their offerings to Neptune. At least they won’t see their rivals closing in on them from the North. “Ignorance is bliss” they say.


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