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Day 219

…and breathe normally…

Back to our normal schedule after a sleepless start to the week, and a massive thank you to the rescue chain organised around Ian’s rescue. In particular today to the Argentinian rescue services, MRCC and SAR, mobilised for the coordination of this rescue with the Taiwanese authorities and ship owner who did not hesitate to divert, not one, but three of the closest vessels in extremely foul conditions for a successful outcome. Gracias chic@s & xie xie!

Meanwhile Jeremy and Michael were struggling in their respective light airs and are about to get out! Capt Gugg at 5.2 knots at 1200 UTC is out of the doldrums with a 1043 miles gap on to lead, or a net gain of over 400 miles from the South Atlantic! Jeremy is not totally out of the woods yet, but with 100 miles to the trade winds he is almost in the nice, steady trade winds… before the doldrums, of course. He and Ian were talking daily on the HF since Hobart, he’s going to be a bit lonely.

Everyone ahead has put the turbo on, at more than 6 knots in the final stretch to Les Sables d’Olonne, sometimes 7 for still leading Minnehaha in fresher winds. Abhilash is the first in the downwind conditions and is cracking off the sheets while behind him, they are still climbing. He made up 30 miles on Queen Kirsten since Friday, it’s a nibble but it may be enough, while Simon will cut corners and shorten his route again.


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