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Day 217

Not a very Pacific Southern Atlantique

The next few hours are going to be critical for Ian (CH) as he gets into the thick of it with a deep low-pressure system on his position at 47°S, which has been building up over the weekend. In addition to the strong winds, the heavy seas will be pushed from the SW after the strong NW front before calming down tonight, for fat, crossed, confused seas. Less extreme weather for Guy, (out of the GGR), NE of the Falklands, strong winds but always SW. Can’t wait to see them out of the 40s.

Jeremy (CH) is entering the tropics with a lot of tacking action, leaving Trindade to port and taking advantage of his excursion to the east to find some fresh wind today. Only 300 miles to go to enter the southern trade winds! Cpt. Gugg has certainly managed his doldrum passage well, after shaving over 600 miles from the leaders in the trade winds, reducing the gap to 750 miles at best. He has only lost 220 miles in the doldrums so far at 970 nm and is 100 miles from the exit!

At the front, the wind is strengthening and is veering for the three musketeers, now heading north, or nearly for Kirsten at a 350° bearing. She added another 20 miles to her lead this weekend, with a  nice, round 100 mile cushion. Abhilash is still 4° further north (240+ nm) and is well positioned to be the first in downwind conditions this week. This is close…  No chocolates on board Clara, but Simon (CH) had his Easter tape concocted by his daughter and top-sailor Nikki: personal messages from friends and new music for the (fast) cruiser!


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