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Day 214

It ain’t over till it’s over

It is not easy to make predictions for the finish. Bayanat is 4.5° or 270 miles further north than Minnehaha and seems to be in a dominant position to the west, but the distance to the finish (DTF) confirms that Kirsten is still well in the lead. Better, she continues to widen the gap with Abhilash, from 50 miles on Wednesday to almost 80 this morning! The final result will be decided first in the Azores high, then in the Bay of Biscay, but what a show they are putting up!

It is still Simon (CH) this morning who clocks the best performance of the fleet and escapes on a median route. Does he know he alone is responsible for the higher demand and prices of the Biscay 36? Captain Gugg is playing with the whole of Nuri‘s ketch wardrobe, averaging 2 knots in the doldrums, letting the elastic stretch again with the forerunners. 

Behind, Jeremy (CH) is still looking for the SE trade winds, which are still eluding him, but is making good progress in light airs and still in the right direction. Closing the fleet, Ian is struggling to windward trying to get out of the roaring 40s. Puffin will have more foul weather, including a fairly strong front on Sunday night… Greetings to Pat, who is coming back to Ireland on Green Rebel!


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