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Day 207


A left turn and a course at 55 for Ian (CH) who has left Staten Island to port, and is finally starting to sail up the Atlantic to Les Sables after weeks of going south or west. He has been making excellent daily averages around 140 miles and has the best 4-hour speed of the week: 7.11 knots! Out of the GGR, Guy Waites is only 500 miles from the Horn, with good weather this weekend but a very tough start to the week for his arrival at the rock. Hang in there.

Jeremy (CH) continues to head NE in a light northerly breeze and overcast conditions, he has crossed his favourite latitude between Uruguay and Cape Town. For him “it feels like the home stretch”. Captain Gugg is also having the fleet’s best days at 140 miles, but due North, with an excellent VMG to the finish, and 450 miles gained on the leaders this last week! His plan? 30°W to the latitude of Natal, 400 miles away, to catch the oceanic currents.

At the forefront, it’s also hard to port for everyone, with the wind escaping to the West. This obviously benefits Abhilash who is keeping a good pressure, much less so Kirsten, 600 miles to the East, caught-up in the calms. Bayanat is only 30 miles below on a north-south axis with a much better VMG, and is out of the doldrums! Simon (CH), between both, is in an intermediate scenario, but only 60 miles behind Kirsten, could well be at -virtually- heading the fleet this weekend!


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